Hi y’all! I am so thankful you have taken the time to visit. Years of journals that have piled up around my house, and excerpts from many that have transitioned into short Instagram posts are the framework for this site. My life’s path has certainly not been one representative of a straight line. Mine looks a little more like an atlas. Circles, sharp lefts and rights, multi-directional arrows and numbers/signs/letters that make no sense without a map key. I have filled roles of stay at home mama, to part-time and full-time working mama, practicing registered nurse, mother to five children (who I will often refer to as my ‘arrows’). There are two sets of twins that make up that magic number five, and our singleton is one year younger than his eldest twin siblings. Yep, Irish triplets!

Historically, I have unapologetically NOT been an animal lover. Yet since welcoming our Saint Bernard’s (Walter and Sugar) I am pretty much in love with anything small, soft and in need of love. I am an amateur gardener, but attempt to grow any and all things that are edible or pretty! My biggest love in life is Jesus and I committed to know Him and to make Him known years ago. Also, to live with the mentality that I was to help make heaven more crowded. I am passionate about helping find prodigal children, and have a heart for the unreached. I am the bride to a man who leads and loves our family well. Who is one after Jesus’s heart, and he makes me a better version of my (slightly dramatic) self every single day.

I am a TERRIBLE cook, I barely say the word “musical” without getting the heeby jeebies, I am a lover of hasthtags, and I use all kinds of punctuation #inappropriately. I LOVE taking pictures; especially candid’s. My family and friends are huge fans of how I am the creep with the camera- always. Regarding my ‘y’all’ in the introduction, I have been born and raised in central Illinois and there is not much country-livin’ about my life… but I dream of it being so one day!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this invitation. The invitation to step inside this messy world of mine. I am a fan of real, authentic and genuine. I have a zero tolerance policy for imitation, fraudulent and or perverted versions of pretty much anything. My prayer in your company is that you may find something encouraging, something inspiring, or a reminder of your unique purpose here. Affirmation of who you are, because of who He says you are.





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