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Image result for doterra emotional aromatherapy   An integral part of my daily routine is the integration of essential oils. Topically, internally and aromatically I will use a variety of oils to help achieve a different therapeutic goal. I implement oils into much of my coaching, and encourage the intentional use of them for clients and their families/businesses.

It is not secret that to have a healthy life and business we must have a healthy mind. Our emotions are tremendously significant indicators of the state of our overall health. Did you realize that your sense of smell is the fastest way to have your mood affected?

That SMELL, alone, has direct access to a part of your brain that houses your emotions.

Whether used alone or in combination with one another, essential oils have the ability to combat certain emotions while promoting others. Please visit the link to my page to freely order or peruse educational materials about doTERRA’s essential oils.

If you have yet to experience what essential oils are, their uses/indications and benefits please contact me so we can set up a session where I can help facilitate an oil regimen that you can begin implementing into YOUR life!

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